Downloading Software From a Disk

Downloading software is just a walk in the park for those who are familiar with computers. Most people who don’t know what to do as far as installing software typically hire a computer technician. Hiring an expert can be very expensive, and depending on what kind of software the technician is putting in the computer this can also be costly. Most technicians charge by half an hour of service, not by the hour. Many office suites take a long time to download, and when installation is done, the technician has to make sure the client knows at least the basics on what was downloaded in the computer. If there are issues installing the software then the technician will take even longer and cost the client even more money. Solution; do it yourself, it’s really not that hard and there are prompts that tell you what to do step-by-step.
There is a lot of helpful resources that can guide a person on how to download software. The store clerk where the software was purchased should be more than willing to help. There are countless resources online that can teach a newbie how to install software. Computer tech forums, computer dealerships, online articles, and e-books offer free advice on how to install software. At the very least, there must be some friends or relatives who know something about downloading software. This is just basic information on how to download from a CD to a desktop or laptop. Different computers and operating systems may differ in downloading software, and most importantly, the computer must have the capability to download the software from a CD. If it doesn’t, then downloading from a CD would be almost impossible. It is possible to use an external CD drive to install the software, but this is much more advanced so it is best to stick with the basics for now.
If the computer can take in CD’s for downloading, then it is time to get started. Open the CD drive by depressing a button that is located near the CD drive. When the panel opens, place the CD in the CD panel, depress the button used to open the panel or gently nudge the panel so it will close. Once closed, go to your desktop, on the screen towards the left side bottom corner, click the start or menu button. (This is only if the prompt box from the CD doesn’t open on the screen within a few minutes.) A drop down list should show up on the screen, scroll down until you see D-drive or E-drive either drive should have the data form the CD that is being downloaded. An icon, or small picture will show up next to the drive that the CD was placed. Double click the drive that has the icon next to it. A prompt box should show up on the monitor screen. Once the prompt box shows up, the installation s very easy from this point. The only thing left to follow are the instructions on the prompt boxes. The second box will ask if you will accept the terms listed in the software that is being installed, click the “I accept” box, then click the “next” button to the right bottom of the prompt box. The next few prompt boxes are formality instructions on where the information from the install is going to be saved on the computer. Click the “next” button until the install prompt shows. This is the point of no return, if the “next” button is clicked, then the software will begin the install. The installation of the software will take awhile, depending on what kind of software is being downloaded. There is usually a “cancel” button located on the far right bottom corner of the prompt box if a person decides not to install the software. Should the person decide that they want the software after stopping the installation, then they will have to start all over again and this will take more time to download. Always make sure the first time through that this is the software that is wanted or needed to be downloaded. Once the installation is complete, a “Finish” button will show to the right bottom corner of the prompt box. Click the “Finish” button, and the installation will be complete. Some installations ask to “Restart the Computer” to complete the installation. Click the “Restart the Computer” button to complete the installation. Once the computer is rebooted, check out the new software installation.