The BlackBerry PlayBook is One of the Most Advanced Tech Gadgets

The BlackBerry PlayBook is one of the most confusing tech gadgets around. Yeah it is truth that it is convenient that it runs Adobe’s Flash which is the same software that is used by computers and laptops to view videos. Different BlackBerry models have been losing ground to Android tablets and other new gadgets.
The PlayBook has angular edges and it seems plain, it should be called the “PlainBook.” However, it seems things get exciting under the hood. One of the best futures is the outer shell’s sturdiness, it is 0.4 inches thick and it yet it will not bend. This is good because it is not easily broken. Despite this, it is one of the coolest gadgets.
It is small and light. This is good for people who use their tablets as a reader. This gives them the option of holding their tablets as if they were holding a book. This keeps people from getting tired. The black color of the PlayBook makes it plain and it does not call too much attention to itself.
The tablet has 4 buttons on the top part. They are media buttons, mainly to increase volume, decrease volume, play a video and pause the video. One of the low points of the tablet is its power button which is hard to find or to press. However, this is one of the most advanced electronic gadgets in the market.
The only thing that can make you reconsider the Blackberry Playbook is the lack of dedicated apps in the Blackberry AppWorld application store. It’s a pity, as the tablet shows great potential, has a very light and compact size and is performing extremely fast, being almost as speedy as the iPad 2 tablet, currently the best on market. Price is not bad too, and a 4G version is in works, and will probably launch sometime later this year. RIM is saying they’re working on the OS front heavily, and it shows as more than 4 updates have be released in the past 2-3 months since I got one.
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