5 Must Have Accessories (For Life)

If you are a true “Fashionista”, you know the feeling; you’re checking yourself out in the mirror. You have the perfect outfit! Your ensemble includes pieces that are in this season and 2 from the past. Your hair is highlighted, layered and bouncing all over the place. Your $50.00 perfectly polished manicure & pedicure makes you feel beautiful from head to toe. You’re ready!!! But, wait a minute, something is missing… That’s right. Despite the fact that you’re “Dressed To The Nines”, your entire look can make you a “Fashion Don’t” if you don’t accessorize. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, make sure you’ve accessorized. It can make or break your outfit.

Accessorized for Life!!!

Do you know what accessories you better not leave your house without this season? According to the Fashion Elite, here are the 5 must-have Fashion accessories this season, but I want to ask you, how are you accessorizing your life?
Neon Colored Stilettos (Hot Pink, Turquoise Blue or Canary Yellow Be Bold Girl)
Fedora Hats (Look Fabulous on a bad hair day!)

The Wedge Heel (Short girls love it!)
BIG Belts (Cinch in that waist!)
Feathered Earrings (Make a statement, doubles as hair accessory)
Don’t get me wrong I love them all and you can find them in my closet & jewelry armoire BUT I want to see what’s in your wardrobe for life? I thought it was time to take inventory of what’s in your accessory bag for chic living. Make a statement and bring out the “Couture YOU”!

Here are the 5 Must Have Accessories (For Life)

1. Thoughts- What you focus on is always mirrored back to you! You have to think about what you want all the time. The minute a negative thought enters your head, change it in a New York minute! Your mind is like a runway, you want positive thoughts sashaying up and down all day!

2. Beliefs- Do you think you have an Ugly Belief System (U.B.S.)? A string of beliefs that don’t serve you are like clothes that are not the right size. They will never flatter you. Ugly beliefs never flatter YOU or the work that YOU do. Remember if you don’t believe in yourself or your abilities it will remain difficult for others to BELIEVE in you & align with you. Start believing in YOU & what YOU can do. Wearing U.B.S. (not cute)!

3. Words- Are you speaking positively or negatively? Your words are like 6 inch stilettos. Strong, Piercing and Unforgettable! They have a way of holding up, so make sure you say what you truly mean and want in your life!

4. Feelings- Are you happy, excited and walking around in gratitude every season? There’s so much doom and gloom in the world right now, take it upon yourself to set a new trend. A positive attitude is contagious, a smile is infectious and when you’re feeling great you will do great work, great people will want to be around you and great things will happen to YOU!

5. Actions- Take action, implement and execute! You’ve heard the saying all talk and no action! Practice what you preach! Walk the talk! It’s important to have a “Get it done now, not tomorrow attitude” about everything you do, and distinguish what action steps are right for YOU. Often times, busy work is what we think we should do based on what someone else is doing. Be an original, not a carbon copy. Say to yourself, “I am a Woman of Action”! Make your Life a Limited Edition experience!

Your must have accessories for life, the ones that you can’t live (life) without!!!