How Handbags Originated and Evolved

is no secret that handbags, are a woman’s best buddy. A woman can do without so many things or forget anything when leaving the house but her handbag, that’s a no-no.

Today, handbags are purely carried by women but my research shows that it was actually men who started using handbags back in the day.

Handbags and purses originated from pouches that were used to contain medicine, seeds, and religious things. At the beginning, men used pouches. Later on women started using it too. In 15th century, grooms gave their brides bags as presents. The bags were usually decorated with drawings of a love story.

Later on, there was need for people to carry things when they traveled or went out on a short trip, so bags became handy. People used bags to contain their personal items that they needed for the day when going out.

In 16th century, traditional wallets started appearing as miniature leather pouches, usually tied to the waist with a belt. During this same period, women carried small lavender bags that they used to perfume their handkerchiefs.

Getting to late 18th century, women’s clothing design became more close-fitting that putting pockets was inappropriate. So women started carrying little decorated tie bags. They usually use it to contain a dance card, fan, handkerchief, powder or perfume.

During the Victorian era, an enormous collection of bags sprang out. People started matching bags with their outfits and various fabrics were now used to make bags. By the middle of 19th century, a popular flat style evolved which was well decorated and could be designed in a square or circular shape. The ‘How To’ on making these new styles of bags became popular in ladies magazines back then.

By early 20th century, handbags turned out to be more and more popular and women hardly left home without carrying a bag. Handbags became more successful and trendy nowadays because of the need to carry certain stuff when going out such as face powder, sunglasses, cigarettes, mobile phones and the like instead of things like seeds and medicine back in the day. Bigger handbags are now available as the need arose of spending longer hours away from home so women can carry more of the things they need – at work or out with kids.

Today, a woman feels stuck without her handbag. A woman’s handbag portrays her taste and personality and holds her secrets. It goes without saying that one shouldn’t look into a woman’s handbag as they are very personal.

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