Swimwear: Tips for Petite Women

A swimsuit doesn’t leave much to the imagination; for this reason, many women stress about choosing a swimsuit that flatters their particular figure. When you have some tips in mind, you don’t need to stress. The following advice will help you choose a suit that enhances your look so you can feel perfectly comfortable when you wear it.

Petite Overall Frame

If you are petite from your head to your toe, you may want to choose a suit that boasts “striking prints and halter neck designs.” (1) An attention-getting print and provide the illusion of curves while a halter with ruching or that twists in some manner can create a fuller appearance. Eye-catching prints can enhance your petite shape whether you wear a one-piece or bikini.

Petite Chest

Ruching or ruffles is a great option for your petite chest. You might also consider a push-up string bikini that can provide an elongated look for your figure while pushing up your breasts for a fuller look. If you opt for a one-piece suit, choose one that has sports elements that enhance the chest like a ruffled neckline, fringe, or beaded straps.

Petite Apple Shape

If you tend to carry extra weight in your tummy area, you might want to choose a swimsuit that has a v-neckline. This type of neckline can elongate your torso. Also, consider a suite with a high-waist bikini bottom; this type of bottom can support your tummy better than a low-cut bikini bottom. You can also choose a suit that features an interesting top to draw the eyes upward such as a strap that goes over only one shoulder.

Petite Pear Shape

If you tend to be a more bottom-heavy petite, consider a bikini with a skirted bottom. The skirt will allow you to feel less exposed while the bikini top will draw the eye upwards. Consider a strapless bikini with a bottom that has a ruched sash or a one piece with v-neck straps. A strapless one-piece with a skirted bottom is another flattering option for pear-shaped petites.

Athletic Petite

If you are straight figured and don’t have any curves, you can choose a swimsuit that enhances your fit and tone figure but provides the appearance of soft curves. For instance, choose a floral-print bikini with a bottom ruffle. The feminine print softens angles while the ruffle makes for a curvy swing to your bottom. You might also go with a bikini top that features ruffles or ruching to soften the contours of your shape.

Choosing a swimsuit can be difficult no matter what your shape is. There are so many great styles and looks to choose from. However, you can narrow down the selection by browsing for suits that will perfectly complement your particular shape. Many petite women have luck searching for a swimsuit by shopping at venues that cater to the petite body type. By considering these tips, you should be able to find a swimsuit you’ll love to wear.