Why Women Will Alway Love A Good Black Dress

“It was a warm evening, nearly summer, and she wore a slim cool little black dress, black sandals, ivory pearls. ” -Truman Capote

This lovely image presented above was worn with effortless style by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Forward and fashion conscious women have tried successfully and sometimes not so successfully to copy Ms. Hepburn irresistible come hither style ever since.

While women’s uniform for seduction has always varied, our color preference is overwhelmingly similar. Most women believe, and rightly so that a basic black dress, with a good cut will make them look feminine and feel much thinner than they actually are. Designer Bill Bass echoes this belief. “Psychologically, the black dress makes you look thinner and smaller if you’re big, and it makes you feel more important if you’re small. ” Similarly, black clothing has always been associated with evil and the black clad villainess, as in the evil Queen in the movie Snow White.

In time past the color white was known for virtue and purity, while black was the sex siren, a seductive women who had sexual encounters, black symbolized a women who had lost that childhood innocence. It was partially these things that made the color black so very appealing to both women and men down through the ages. Black is the seen as prohibited, somehow wicked, and therefore quite sexy and desireable. The color black is the unknown and thus the more intriguing of the two colors. Black separates the women from the girls, the good guys from the bad guys in old western movies. Black gives the illusion of self-possession all by itself.

The color black is not only slimming, its alluring, its mysterious and also very sexy. In fact there is nothing sexier than a pretty women in a little black dress and a great pair of high black heels. Not much else is needed but a great smile. Also, let’s not forget most of us women at one time or another went for the quintessential bad boy.

The little black dress has endured for women everywhere from the 1920’s to today not just because of its color though but as Karl Lagerfeld once said “It’s not women wearing black in the sense of just wearing black, its women wearing black in the sense of being chic”. A first black dress is a significant event and marks a passage in time for a girl to women, it symbolizes adulthood and is the right of passage into sophistication.

Sherry Burton/The Red Dress

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